Yoga for the community! 

What is Pop Up Yoga?

Pop-Up Yoga is a movement that is going mainstream around the world. The purpose? Bring the benefits of yoga to all the community and make it (more) accessible to everyone.

How does it work?

There is no need for a studio. We believe in yoga as a lifestyle, it´s about taking yoga <UNION> into urban spaces, parks, art galleries, retail stores, coffee shops to hair salons and bars, there is no limit!

The classes offered are for all levels, from beginners wanting to experiment with yoga, to advanced practitioners who are looking to have fun and find new experiences. The ultimate goal: connecting with our own nature.

The cost of each class will vary, depending on the venue; some may be free, others will be donation based and others will be fundraisers that will contribute to local not for profit initiatives.

A great way to introduce yoga to everyone. Thank you for doing this-it’s an opportunity to jump in on a class and not feel intimidated. I’ll be back!
— Vicky Todd

What We've Achieved

  • Since inception in 2015, we have met, taught and connected with thousands of practitioners in Lethbridge. We are proud of the friendships we’ve made and the people we have met. The cOMmunity connection is palpable and has trickled off their mats into our community. They are one of the welcoming groups that we’ve ever met.

  • A big THANK YOU to Heart of the City & BRZ Lethbridge for supporting local initiatives like us, together we will make this city more vibrant!