cOMmunity Practice at the Galt

Equinox Portrait.jpg
Equinox Portrait.jpg

cOMmunity Practice at the Galt


Flowing with the rhythms of nature, Spring marks the beginning of a new time, time to renew, time to be reborn, time to restart. As humans beings, it is when we are able to create positive changes in our lives and our community. The 5th Annual Spring Equinox 2019 will gather the city together, for the biggest Yoga practice in Lethbridge, with the purpose of connecting with our inner selves and those around us.

The whole community is invited regardless of age, gender, religion or experience practicing yoga. Join this special gathering of local and worldwide community for a special 2h yoga practice, led by 4 yoga teachers of our local cOMmunity.

Of special note - Monies from this year’s 5th Annual Spring Equinox (March 24th) are allocated to the creation and sustainability of offering Connection: Youth Yoga in the community at a nominal/optional charge. Thank you to everyone in our Pop Up Yoga cOMmunity who has helped make this happen.

If you are interested in donating prizes for our raffle, we'd love to hear from you. Ping us a message anytime.

In much gratitude,

The Pop Up Yoga Team.

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