Nūma Breathwork + Yoga Journey


Nūma Breathwork + Yoga Journey

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Nūma Somatics & Pop Up Yoga Lethbridge present::
Nūma Breathwork + Yoga Journey

Saturday, October 6th, 2018
1:30 – 5:30 pm
CASA (Upper Dance Studio)

Ready to join us for a deeply transformative afternoon?

Create expansive space in body and mind with a delicious yoga practice and then turn inwards with the breath as your guide and healer!

Relax into community, fully self-empowered… nourish yourself and surrender that which no longer serves.

Open and clear the pathways to health and wellbeing on all levels.

Explore the energetic continuum of your body, beliefs, emotions, and non-physical realms.

Detoxify, rejuvenate, energize, release, express, integrate, clarify, and heal.

Your body and breath are key… curious what you’ll find?

Journey Facilitated by:

Trevor Yelich (www.numasomatics.com)
Shonna Lamb (www.popupyoga-lethbridge.com)
+ Special Guests

** No previous experience required. **

Cost: $60