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New Moon, Womens Circle

Facilitated by Courtney Creator & Fabiola, this gathering of community and sisterhood is the co-creation of all the women in the circle. We will move, breathe, laugh, share, reflect, and celebrate!

Please RSVP to receive the venue -SUMMER IN THE ROOF TOP- & for us to get enough materials for everyone.

Suggested donation $10. This evening is run by donation. You may wish to bring something to share and add beauty to the space. Flowers, seeds, snacks, fruit, art, fabric, essential oil, etc. Get inspired!

A New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle, a fresh start in it’s cycle of waxing and waning.This is an optimum time to plant seeds of intention for what you wish to cultivate in your life. There is something so powerful when women come together to support each other on their journey, in the hopes and dreams. We are healed, we are nurtured, we feel comforted & understood.

You may wish to bring your own pillow, chair, or blanket to make yourself comfortable in circle. If you feel comfortable wearing a long skirt do it! fI not just wear comfy cloths.

• "A circle is a figure contained in a seamless circumference, which symbolizes wholeness, if this line breaks, it will no longer be a circle." The women circle is INCLUSIVE, no matter culture, religion or beliefs, all women identified persons are welcome! •

Be part of this empowering experience, bring your loved ones or alone! Please RSVP to